Pre-operative Surgical Instructions 

The following instructions are to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery with Dr. Yamaoka or Dr. Park. Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any questions. We can be reached at Dr. Scott Yamaoka Periodontics & Oral Implantology Phone Number 604-738-3626 during regular business hours.

Prior to your surgery, you will be given prescriptions and post operative care instructions. For your convenience, please have the prescriptions filled prior to your scheduled surgery unless they have been previously phoned into the pharmacy of your choice.

It is important to stop taking Aspirin, fish oils and non-steroidal medication such as Motrin and Advil for 7 days prior to your surgery. If you are taking Coumadin or other blood thinners, consult your doctor to discuss discontinuing them prior to surgery. If you require antibiotic premedication, please take as directed before your surgery.

In order to evaluate your progress and healing, we will see you for several post-operative visits during the first 1 to 5 weeks following surgery.


Please alert the office to any allergies or sensitivities to antibiotics. You will be prescribed an antibiotic to take after your surgery to reduce the risk of infection. Take as directed until the dose is completed. For women taking birth control, please be advised that antibiotics may interfere with their effectiveness.


If you elect to be sedated for your surgery either orally or with conscious IV sedation, you must have a ride to and from the office. The protocol for both methods of sedation will be explained to you in detail at your consultation appointment.

Oral sedation is generally with Ativan (Lorazepam), a short acting Valium while IV sedation is usually with a combination of Versed (Medazolam) and a narcotic.

Food Suggestions

When preparing food to eat following surgery, here are some suggestions:

  • Jell-O
  • soft fruit such as bananas
  • yogurt
  • pasta
  • smoothies
  • scrambled eggs
  • rice
  • fish
  • oatmeal
  • macaroni & cheese
  • mashed potatoes

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