Oral and IV Sedation Instructions Following Surgery

Discharge and Transportation

  • You must be discharged to the care of a responsible adult who can accompany you home
  • Arrangements should be made to have an adult remain with you for the remainder of the day if you have been sedated intravenously
  • A taxi driver does not count as your escort

Food and Beverages

  • Cool liquids such as smoothies, protein shakes are initially advised
  • Diet can be increased to soup/pasta consistency as tolerated
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours


  • Refrain from smoking after surgery


  • Take the medications that Dr. Yamaoka prescribed as instructed
  • You may resume your regular medications after the procedure

Activity Restrictions

  • Do not operate motor vehicles, aircrafts, boats, power tools, or machinery for 24 hours or longer if drowsiness/dizziness persists
  • Do not sign or enter into any legal contract for at least 24 hours
  • Do not exercise or do any intensive physical activities for 5 days after the procedure

If you experience any acute pain, heavy bleeding from the surgical site, respiratory issues or any other post-operative concerns, please notify the office at Dr. Scott Yamaoka Periodontics & Oral Implantology Phone Number 604-738-3626.  In the event of an emergency after hours, you can reach Dr. Yamaoka on his cell phone at 604-788-6476.

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