Oral Sedation (Ativan) Pre-Surgery Instructions

Food and Beverages

  • You may have a light breakfast or lunch prior to your surgery
  • Do NOT drink alcohol prior to your appointment


  • Take all medications as prescribed by Dr. Yamaoka
  • It is essential to discuss with Dr. Yamaoka whether or not you should take medication(s) you would otherwise take on a regular basis


  • Refrain from smoking prior to your surgery


  • A responsible adult must accompany you to and from the office in a car or taxi
  • Someone should be at home with you during the initial 3-4 hours of recovery after the procedure
  • A taxi driver does not count as your escort

Change in Health Status

  • If your general health deteriorates (cold, cough, fever, etc.), please inform the office prior to your appointment. If in doubt, please phone the office to report any changes in your health status

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  It is important that you understand the circumstances surrounding this treatment.

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