IV Sedation Pre-Surgery Instructions

Food and Beverages

  • Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to your surgery as food in the stomach may cause vomiting during the anesthesia


  • If you have been prescribed Ativan by Dr. Yamaoka, please take as directed
  • Other medications prescribed by Dr. Yamaoka are to be started after your surgery
  • It is essential to discuss with Dr. Yamaoka when you should take medication(s) you take on a regular basis

Clothing and Make up

  • Wear loose fitting casual clothing for your appointment (short-sleeved t-shirt)
  • Please do not wear make up as it can contaminate the surgical site
  • Do not wear nail polish or artificial (gel) nails as an oxygen monitor will be placed on your finger


  • Refrain from smoking prior to your surgery


  • An adult must accompany you to and from the office in a car or taxi
  • Someone should ideally be at home with you for the remainder of the day
  • A taxi driver does not count as your escort

Change in Health Status

  • If your general health deteriorates (cold, cough, fever, etc.), please inform the office prior to your appointment. If in doubt, please phone the office to report any changes in your health status

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions as it is important that you understand the circumstances surrounding your treatment.

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