Periodontal Therapy & Dental Implant Placement

Welcome to our practice. Dr. Yamaoka and Dr. Park specializes in computer guided dental implant therapy that can replace single or multiple missing teeth. In addition, he provides minimally invasive nonsurgical and surgical treatment of gum disease including cosmetic therapies to aesthetically enhance your smile. As a certified specialist, Drs. Yamaoka and Park focuses on a few unique procedures that are done extremely well using state of the art and evidence based techniques. Thank you for visiting our website.

Our Mission

We create healthy smiles in Vancouver. We help people regain, improve and maintain the quality of their lifestyle, health and well being by improving their oral health which periodontal disease or life circumstances have compromised. By doing so, we contribute to the improvement in their overall happiness and they can then exert a better positive impact on people in their own circle of influence. When we do our work well, we leave our patients, colleagues and community better off than when we started.

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